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What good bathroom tiles? Four of the most effective shopping tips
      The bathroom is relatively large areas of moisture, so special attention will be when the tile selection and use. So, what tiled bathroom with good? Here we will explain one by one small European.

Skid articles
      Wet toilet easily be wrestling, so I chose the bathroom tiles we will give priority to its slip resistance. Here is recommended to choose whole body tiles or glazing ample glazed tiles, glazed tiles if insufficient, the surface will be very smooth, and the more you use the more smooth.

Water absorption articles
      Bathroom tile moisture is the most important requirement. The so-called moisture, does not refer to wall, floor tiles in the bathroom bare up the moisture, on the contrary, refers to the bathroom wall, the ground can not be subject to the effects of moisture. In general, the higher the quality of the tiles, the lower the water absorption. Since the bathroom is a wet place, so the choice of tiles must have a very low water absorption.

Wear dirt articles
      The bathroom is dirty easily throughout the home place, so we choose tiles must take into account when dirt wear resistance. Oceano Here's a suggestion, in the selection of bathroom tiles, you can determine the tile surface glaze tiles Bohou to identify good or bad. With a hard object scratch the surface of the tile, if scratches, indicates insufficient glazing. Wait until the tile surface polished thin glaze layer, the tile will be susceptible to contamination, difficult to clean up. Some did not glazed tiles, and generally should not be a closed shop in the wet environment because water vapor vent on the bricks can not diverge, can also cause mold appears.

Color papers
       Bathroom tile colors to tie in with the overall style of the bathroom, for a small space, it is best to choose light-colored tile, so it looks when people will be more bright and spacious feeling, so as to achieve the visual effect on amplification. If you choose some of the deep color, it will be very depressed look narrow.