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Most allow you to save money to buy six tips tile
¡¡¡¡When it comes to the topic of money, some friends often thought: "not that cheap money in it?" In fact, this idea is wrong, for home decoration, the mystery to save money is not so simple.

1¡¢Buy tile should pay attention to the quality of
      You pretty warm home, it is impossible to live a year or so, so when choosing tile, the best choice for good quality, not freeloaders choose some low quality products. Good quality tile, long-lasting and durable, if it is the quality, but off, fast wear, regular maintenance and replacement costs more, I am afraid will be renovated soon, costly and laborious.

2¡¢Shop around and compare them
      The same quality of tile, although the price difference is not big, but other factors, service, sale and other equally important in the purchase of a combination of factors we can do comparison one by one, it is best to replace the agreement with the business conditions, such as whether to fill, return, replacement, claims conditions and responsibilities in case any problems occur there is also the guarantee.

3¡¢Activities to buy more affordable
      In addition to May, November, businesses will also be held from time to time some discount promotions activities, we can be optimistic about the product, waiting for an opportunity concessions. Also, if you find a lot of demand to purchase tiles near neighbors, the sponsoring organization may wish to buy a building material activities. But bear in mind that a rational consumer, not because it is cheaper to buy a bunch of irrelevant final product.

4¡¢Select the appropriate size of the tiles
      Tile size for the amount of loss impact, we must grasp the Decoration "small province bricks, chunks of brick fee" principle. Select the tile size need to consider the size of the viewing space, if the paving area viewing area small, should consider using a smaller size of the tile, and tile smaller size, relatively wastage will be reduced.

5¡¢Rational planning more money
      If using a special program of paving, tiles amount of loss will be relatively high, then the loss of the use of ordinary paste method to estimate, it is likely to lead to tile the amount is not enough. Therefore, before tiling first clear the extent of losses in different shop law, which may be paving method in accordance with the actual size chart is calculated using the more economica.

6¡¢Note construction details
      Construction process, in addition to tile loss calculation errors, inevitable loss, the failure of workers in the construction is an important aspect. Therefore, the choice of high technology paving construction workers during construction cut, it can reduce unnecessary losses, improve the utilization of the tile. In addition, in the tiling, it is best to go to the scene to conduct supervision to prevent the waste of casual workers.