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On wet and dry pavement tile method you know how much?
      Home decoration, ceramic tile use is frequent, it has a strong earthquake, cracking and environmental protection, commonly used in the walls and floor decoration. Many people think that a good buy tiles to get away, but in fact it is really important step in the pavement, if the pavement is not good, it is easy to use process problems. Now, there are two methods pavement tiles, dry laid and wet-laid. Here's a detailed look at this dry laid and wet-laid exactly how kind.

What use wet and dry shop?
      Usually wall is wet-laid, particularly large-sized tiles are dry laid, such as 800 & times; 800 earth brick or large stone laying of the ground, can be dry shop.
      Dry shop is thick, wet-laid small thickness.
      Specific dry laid or wet-laid, may be made to determine the home master bricklayer, his judgments are generally correct.
      Wet and dry shop and shop, as long as the operating properly, the quality of the project are the same.

Dry step shop
      After watering the grass-roots moist, remove loose sand, debris. Wipe bonding layer, using a 1: 3 cement mortar dry, according to the flat horizontal probe shop, the brick on the mortar with a rubber hammer tap, remove the floor tile grout pouring plaster, brick and then to put real Zhenping .
      Dry shop law can effectively avoid the floor tiles in the pavement caused during the bubble, hollowing phenomenon, but due to the brick airlaid relatively labor intensive, high technology content, it is generally dry shop law than the wet-laid process the cost is high, and the thickness of the dry shop will be relatively large. So, dry shop law generally relatively large size for laying tiles.

Step wet shop
      Wet-laid tiles paving method commonly used in many home improvement owners. Paving bricks are based on wet-laid. The difference between this process and dry shop law is that a 1: 3 cement mortar dry replaced with ordinary water and cement mortar.
      Wet-laid process tile floor may produce air bubbles and hollowing influence brick life. However, the thickness of wet-laid Bigan will spread thin, space-saving, and wet-laid method is simple, low price, like bathrooms and other small space kitchen area, the ground is generally wet shop law.
      Paving tiles in general on the above two methods, we must pay more attention to the pavement, tile can be more smoothly paved.