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The difference between polished and polished glaze tiles What?
      When visiting the building materials city, everywhere gem tile products to many owners full of doubt, polished tiles, glazed brick throwing, innocently tell. Today small European come to you explain the difference between polished and polished glaze tiles: 

What is polished?  
      Polished surface is polished body tile whole body made of a light brick, is a whole body tiles. Relative body tile, the smooth polished surface to be much higher. Polished hard wear-resistant, suitable for use in addition to the bathroom, the kitchen most of the indoor space such as for balcony, wall decoration and so on. On the basis of the use of bleed technology, we can make all kinds of stone-polished, wood effect.

What is glazed brick throwing?
      Cast glazed tiles can be polished is a step in the new process glazed tiles, glazed tiles throw polished and set in one of the advantages of antique tiles, glazed tiles, such as smooth and bright clean, while its colors such as antique tiles glazed like pattern rich, brilliant colors or heavy, but because the manufacturing process more complicated, the price is relatively high.

The difference between polished and polished glaze tiles£º
1.Different sizes
      Polished and polished glaze tiles in the size specifications above also have some differences, the tiles are mainly used in the living room where the lamp is more, the size is generally 600,800 earth bricks and glazed tiles are often small throw 300 * 300 Brick.
2.Different colors
      Tiles of color in a single, has not changed much, the difference will not be too strong between the various colors of brick, but not the same cast glazed tiles, glazed tiles throw polished than the rich colors. Polished glaze tiles are printed on the pattern after the rain and glaze, the color should be relatively bright, but also completely unrestricted, red, black and yellow and blue bruising not in question.
3.Different lines
      Polished and glazed tiles polishing lines is not the same, can not do very little texture tiles, glazed tiles can be done like throwing a needle and thread as fine lines.
4¡¢Different brick
      Adobe is to distinguish between polished and glazed tiles throw the key, the color of the tiles is to infiltrate inside the brick, so the color 1-2mm below the surface and the surface of the bricks are the same. The polished glaze tiles are completely different, will not penetrate into the tile body, look at the side of the brick, glazed stratification obvious, it is clear to see the glazed tile if only one layer of a color very po layer would certainly throw glazed brick.
5¡¢Different durability
       Polished glaze tiles that add a layer of the polished surface of the enamel, in contrast, brightness, and a sense of permeability is good, but not as good as the degree of wear-resistant tiles. Polished crystal surface is very thick, more wear-resistant, while the glaze polishing brick surface is a layer of enamel, very thin, wear is not so strong.
6¡¢Different stain resistance
      Polished suitable for use in addition to the bathroom, the kitchen most of the indoor space, but in the production of tiles left uneven pores, these pores will accumulate dirt, causing the surface is very easy to penetrate contaminants, and even some tea and pour in conceding all the tiles, glazed tiles and throwing controlling pollution, but far more than the tiles.
7¡¢Different prices
     Å×Simulation and high glazed brick, which combines the advantages of antique bricks and tiles, glazed tiles on the basis of another brick polished, complex process than polished tiles, glazed appearance of both the rich colors, there are tiles the bright and clean, so the price is more expensive than tiles.
      Polished surface and polished glaze tiles are relatively bright tiles, not carefully distinguish is more difficult to distinguish the difference between throwing more polished and glazed tiles.