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Reject defective, good or bad quality of the few ways to identify the tile
        For the purchase of home building materials, if the tile is not enough to understand, then, you might buy some of the poor quality of the tiles, so we the tile time of purchase, pay attention to look at the appearance, surface smoothness and the quality of tiles, these key factors will affect the durability of tile and effect, you can take a look at.
          Look Tile glare: observe the color and smoothness of the surface of the tile. In general, the more clearly the color of the tile, the more reflective the best. Also, look at the tiles have no pinholes, pinhole easy to accumulate loot. You can also look at quality, surface quality inspection marks from tiles can be wiped with a hard object in order to determine the surface of glazed tile tile.
          Look Tile sizes: tiles measuring site purchase. Measured with a ruler or tape measure, tile four sides and diagonals, check the dimensions.
          Touch glazed tile: glazed look whether the pinholes, spots, glazed texture, without color. Mainly to see whether the tile surface has black spots, bubbles, pinholes, cracks, without scratches, stains, lack of edge, chipping tiles also pay attention to whether the tainted throw leakage grinding defects.
          Listen to the sound knock tile surfaces: tiles beat, listen to voice recognition density. Select the tile is considered the most important quality problems, identify good and bad tiles there are many standards, you can beat, the sound crisp porcelain tile described high density, good quality.
          Dripping see whether durable: look tile water absorption. In general, low water absorption tiles, on behalf of the higher tile inherent stability, but also more suitable for high moisture or water content of the space, such as bathroom, kitchen, etc., and no dark spots and other problems. Common method is to examine the back of the tile water absorption tiles pouring, slow or even better penetration of water impermeable tile quality, otherwise it is bad.